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Introducing our high-quality replacement fibre reeds designed to ensure a continuous and captivating fragrance experience in your home or office. Crafted with care and precision these reeds are the perfect solution for revitalising your reed diffuser and infusing your surroundings with delightful scents.

This pack contains 12 replacement fibre reeds, ensuring you have an ample supply to maintain your diffuser’s performance over an extended period. This reed replacement pack is ideal to re-fragrance any room in your home. The reeds are compatible with our 100ml reed diffusers as well as our  fragranced diffuser refills.

Replacing the reeds is a breeze. Simply remove the old reeds from the diffuser bottle and replace them with fresh ones from our package. Within hours, the new reeds will absorb the scented oil, and you’ll experience the rejuvenating aroma within your surroundings.

We recommend using 6 – 10 reeds depending on the fragrance strength required. Regularly flipping the reeds will maintain a consistent scent throughout the room.

To get the best out of your fibre reeds we suggest turning them around weekly and replace your reeds approximately every three to four months, or when you notice a decrease in fragrance intensity.

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