Our Sustainability Mission.

The Annex Accessories holds a strong commitment to sustainability and environmentally-friendly practices as we work towards achieving our goals. Our company is dedicated to making well-considered decisions when it comes to product creation, placing emphasis on utilizing natural ingredients and producing vegan-friendly soy candle wax. Proudly based in Norfolk, England, we take pride in our meticulous production processes and ingredient selection, striving to create locally whenever possible. As a company, we stand by our promise to never conduct animal testing on our products.

At The Annex Accessories, quality and efficacy remain our top priorities as we are dedicated to delivering products of impeccable quality to our valued customers.

Our company is dedicated to ensuring environmentally-friendly products. Our candle, diffuser, wash, and lotion lines are packaged in recyclable glass containers, with some made of recycled materials. Our diffuser refill line now features a bulk option of 200ml and includes two sets of reeds that extend the lifespan and decrease packaging waste. Moreover, we strive for sustainability in our production methods. All product boxes are comprised of FSC-approved cardboard, which is entirely recyclable. To decrease waste, our outer cartons are made of recycled cardboard and can be effortlessly recycled. In addition, our bio-fil, created from natural resources, dissolves in water, which is a step towards decreasing landfill waste. When selecting our products, you can be confident that your choice is linked to a sustainable future.