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Pure, natural energy to regenerate your mind…
This stunning fragrance oils collection includes all 6 scents.

Features of the Fragrance Oils Collection:

Our products are hand made in our home studio in Norfolk. All of our products are vegan and cruelty free and we try to use recyclable packaging wherever possible.
10ml fragrance oils.

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All natural ingredients

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We proudly present our signature fragrance oils collection comprising all 6 exceptional scents. These oils can be conveniently used in electric diffusers or in massage oils, and we recommend following the instructions carefully for optimal results. It is crucial to bear in mind that failure to comply with the directions may lead to undesirable outcomes or allergic reactions.

Therefore, ensure that you use our fragrance oils collection topically and externally only, avoiding direct skin application. We strongly urge you to keep them out of reach for both kids and pets, and refrain from contact with eyes or ingestion. We recommend performing a diluted patch test, discontinue use if any irritation occurs, and wash hands and exposed skin thoroughly after handling.

Please exercise caution if you have specific medical conditions, allergies, or are pregnant, and seek professional advice before use. Lastly, be mindful of polished or synthetic surfaces, and keep away from children and animals. In case of accidental ingestion, kindly seek medical attention immediately.


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