Our company takes the health and wellness of our customers very seriously. As such, we have made a strategic decision to utilise synthetic fragrances in our products after extensive research and consideration. We know that our customers expect only the best from us, and we have worked hard to ensure that we provide them with the highest quality products possible.

One of the primary reasons we have chosen to use synthetic fragrances is their consistency. Unlike natural oils which can vary in scent and intensity from batch to batch, synthetic fragrances offer a more reliable and dependable product, ensuring a consistent fragrance experience every time. This gives our customers peace of mind knowing that they will not experience any unexpected reactions when using our products.

Our vast selection of synthetic fragrances also allows us to create an almost infinite array of delightful and alluring scents. Additionally, because synthetic fragrances tend to be more potent than essential oils, we only need to use a small amount in each product. This further reduces the likelihood of skin sensitivity or allergic reactions, making our products safe for all skin types.

Finally, we are committed to environmental responsibility and preservation of natural habitats. As such, we do not use essential oils that require land clearing and deforestation. Instead, we prioritize the protection of our countryside and the habitats of bees and wildlife by using synthetic alternatives. We take pride in operating a business that aligns with our values, and our customers can rest assured that their purchases have a positive impact on our planet.

Reed Diffuser & Refill Gift Set

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